3V [three vee] (noun) – Living your Whole Life with a heightened awareness of the now;  leads to true happiness, meaning and purpose


Ways in which people experience life:  The past, present and future.  Most people go through life living either in the past or the future.  While both are important, a heightened awareness of the present, using past experiences to grow and a future vision to guide, is necessary to reach your goals and achieve your desires.    




Vitality – Wanting to live life with meaning or purpose; the power to live or grow. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.  




Combining these two definitions provides a meaningful combination that defines what people aspire to accomplish.  True happiness is hard to find, but it does not have to be that way.  Once you understand yourself though the 3V program, things will finally become clearer.  Whole Life Living is never limited.


Other Definitions

External goals – more money, a bigger house, car, material goods

Fractional fix – most services and products only employ a fix for one area of your life (weight, beauty, money, etc.). This never leads to true happiness. Usually the fractional fix does not address the real problem.

Fractional living – usually start towards some specific goal that leads to either a temporary satisfaction or only completes part of the goal.  The end result is fall back disease. 

Fall back disease – after using some sort of fractional fix, the high is never enough and we usually fall back into our old habits or unhappiness

Heightened awareness – fully understanding yourself, mind and body

Just living – what most people do.  Go through the daily grind, day in and day out, with no larger purpose or a lack of meaning in life

Whole life living – Always being in flow or what some call the “zone” in all aspects of your life.  See the WLL page (Link)

Self actualization – being able to come to conclusions about yourself on your own